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Glass With Care

From simple beginnings in 1973, Glass With Care has expanded to become one of Britain's most well known and loved Glass Painters and suppliers.

Initially painting glass and selling at small local venues, Rowena and Peter Sellors now travel across England displaying a superb range of hand painted candleholders, vases and tableware. 

Each piece is specially designed, the glass handmade, and then decorated, with attention to detail and balance in order to create practical items of beauty and quality.


Throughout our pages you will see many items that demonstrate the diversity of our range and what you can expect to see at the various craft show and events we attend throughout the year.

We now have a limited number of pieces available to buy via the web. Please note that, because of demand and limited numbers of each item, some pieces may not be available at any given time. For the present, please call us using the contact details on the Contact page, to check availability and to order. All prices shown include postage and packaging.

Due to the handmade nature of the items, please note that sizes shown may vary slightly.