Glass With Care Glass With Care Stall at the New Forest

Since 1987, Glass With Care has been providing people at hundreds of Events throughout the country with beautiful and practical glassware.

The beautiful glasses, bowls and candleholders which have always been firm favourites are still prevalent but, where space permits, they have been joined by a lovely collection of tableware, including decorated, glass-handled cake, cheese and butter knives, pickle forks, salad servers, and salt and pepper pots, to name but a few!

As visitors to the stall will know, in addition to the Friendship Balls and Hearts, decorated baubles are often seen hanging from the top of the stall (as in the picture above). These have always been the “experimental” range - the successes when trying out new dyes, paints and techniques (the failures are never seen by the public!). However, due to so many people requesting them, Glass With Care will, hopefully, be creating an extended selection of these specifically for Christmas! See them at our Christmas shows later in the year!

Unfortunately, apart from replacement glass for candleholders and the wine and champagne glasses (where available), I am  still unable to post items, but please do visit me at one of the shows listed on the Events Page. I look forward to seeing you!

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This year not only have new shapes and styles have been added to the existing, but ever popular, range of vases, but Glass With Care is proud to introduce a fantastic new style of “Rainbow” vases and bowls.